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About the company

BitBullMedia provides PR-services for fintech, crypto and blockchain companies both on international market and in separate regions : USA, Europe, CIS, Asia, Latin-America, MENA and Africa. We are a team of professional PR-specialists, finance journalists, copywriters and financial analysts with over 10 years of experience. We know all about financial markets, exchange trading, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. That's why we are able to tell the audience about you in the most interesting way and increase the reputation of your brand.

We cooperate with:

Global and news media
Economic and crypto media
Telegram channels
Popular bloggers

Strong partnerships that we have formed over many years of work allow us to receive exclusive conditions for publishing advertising messages and articles of our clients.

Our services

The cost of services is determined individually, depending on your goals and objectives.
International PR
Outsourcing, full time, project work - any format
Regional PR
Outsourcing, full time, project work - any format
Press releases, reviews, sneak peek, native ads and more
Financial analytics on behalf of your brand
Crypto, FOREX, commodities, indices, stocks and other assets
Advertising in the media
Publishing of articles in the world's largest media: crypto, economics, news
Blog advertising
  • Telegram
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Discord
Creating of Wikipedia page
Increases the trust and reputation of your brand
Charity and sponsorship projects
A strong reputational and marketing tool

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